Our Services

Mr. Budd starts the process with an in depth interview. He will go through his proprietary "personal investment profile form" designed to gather all of the information necessary to establish your specific goals. This information is then used as the springboard for personalized recommendations. Secondly, he takes the time to evaluate both the strengths and weaknesses of your current financial situation and then makes  appropriate recommendations through a written financial plan. This financial plan contains hypothetical retirement capital projections that take into consideration the effect inflation will have on your future needs. It also provides solutions to your individual needs as they apply to estate planning, risk management and investing. He will then work with you side by side to implement the recommendations you choose and to answer any questions you may have as well as providing on-going guidance and review of your progress in obtaining the goals you desire to accomplish. For many people, an employer provided 401K or 403B plan may be your largest investment asset at retirement. Mr. Budd strives to provide the information necessary to maximize the potential of these plans while you are still employed and then advises how to help you handle the important decisions you are faced with as to what to do with your 401K or 403B plan at retirement. Making a mistake in this area of planning can be very costly through unnecessarily paying income taxes, choosing the wrong investment or potential IRS imposed penalties. Some additional services Mr. Budd offers:

Through Health & Wealth Partners, LLC he offers:

  •  Traditional Life Insurance
  •  Disability Income Insurance
  •  Long Term Care Insurance
  •  Tax Reduction Strategies
  •  Health Insurance
  • Income Tax Preparation
  • Asset Protection Strategies

Through Lincoln Financial Securities he offers:

  •  IRA Conservation Strategies
  •  Fee Based Asset Management
  •  Estate Conservation Strategies
  • Variable Insurance